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Welcome to the “Haien compulsively bought too many figurines, but then lost interest in SNK giveaway! Six months ago, I ended up with way too many figurines thanks to my obsession with buying multiples of things I like... Instead of reselling all of my extras, I figured that I'd do a good deed, and give some of them away (人´∀`*)♡


  • Levi BRAVE-ACT 1/8 Scale figure by Sentinel
  • Levi Figma by Max Factory
  • Mikasa Ackerman Figma by Max Factory


  • There will be ONE WINNER
  • You do not have to be following me
  • Ends noon on Saturday, 4th October, 2014 MELBOURNE TIME (GMT +10) Please keep the time difference in mind!
  • Like for one entry, reblog ONLY ONCE for one entry (you get two entries, multiple reblogs do not count)
  • Followers will get one extra entry (three total entries, not mandatory to win. Please don’t feel obligated, but followers get a lil thanks and extra appreciation u feel me?)
  • No giveaway blogs (I will check!!)
  • Winner will be determined by a random number generator
  • In the event that you do win, you must respond to my message within 24 hours, or another winner will be chosen, so keep your ask open!
  • I will ship worldwide! However, any customs/processing fees for your country will be your responsibility.
  • You must be 18+ years of age to win. If you are a minor, in the event that you win, you must provide proof of written consent from a parent/guardian before giving me your address.

Feel free to delete the wall of text, but leave a link to the GIVEAWAY DETAILS

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lok snapchats taken by bolin, korra and asami, and kai respectively ;)


Episode 6/7 snapchats. These miiiight be the last set of ‘em, I feel like I’m overdoing these a bit at this point. Previous lok snapchats: 1, 2


on an unrelated note, the fishing department has been receiving a multitude of panic calls about the state of mackerel in the ocean and would like to formally ask for this to stop and to state that the mackerel are fine. 

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Hey guys! I recently hit 6k and wanted to celebrate everyone’s support! 

WINNERS: There will be 1! Chosen by random using number generator

  • Ships from US, to anywhere! So international folks are welcome to join :)

PRIZES: Any 5 phone charms (the ds is mine askldjf haha), that I’ve made C: You can see all the ones that I’ve done H E R E


  • No use of giveaway blogs please!
  • Only reblogs count towards an entry!
  • You don’t need to follow, but the winner will get to pick a 6th charm if they are! 

ENDS:  Like last year, the giveaway will end August 4th! 2014 (my birthday!! hehe)

  • Winners will be contacted on Aug 5th, and will have a 24hr window to respond. So keep those ask boxes open! C: 
  • Everything will ship out by Aug 9th~

That’s it I think! Let me know if there’s any questions— until then, I’ll be working mostly.. wish there was more time to hang out here

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11x8.5 print for AX!!! didnt want to make more 11x17 since i have too many already and i need to balance it out haa hahaha


11x8.5 print for AX!!! didnt want to make more 11x17 since i have too many already and i need to balance it out haa hahaha

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"You’ve been working hard, haven’t you, Rei?"


god this episode was so precious and Rei-centric I am sO HAPPY! I might try to squeeze in more fanart later but for now I just have time for a quick screencap redraw.

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I made this edit in a fiery passion at the end of Book Two— Let’s hope Bolin and Eska will be able to rekindle their love into a “big fire of love flames”. ;)  Either way I know ‘Nuktuk’ will always be the hero of Eska’s heart! (loud tears)
The original artwork can be found at Bryan Konietzko’s blog at this link!

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Haru is just very passionate with his goals in life.

I like to think that haru was a very strange and trouble making kind of baby lol….I enjoyed making this comic a little too much..

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